Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall is Near

Fall is starting to come and with it are the crisp golden leaves from the maple trees that fall onto the ground.  My newest chickens are just discovering how much fun it is to grab the leaves and run around playing 'keep-away' with their friends.  However they were much more excited when I placed some crab apples in their pen.  They had the hardest time diving their beaks into the smooth and hard surface, and once they did the apple made it's way around the pen over ten times.

I think Cruz is catching onto me, he'll be going to a farm with over four hundred ladies waiting for him, along with two other roosters of mine.

This is What Happens When You Take a Picture of Fighting Roosters

They look pretty cool, huh?

And This

Hey look, I have a half frizzled chicken!

Back in The Fuzzy Day

Though this picture is over two months old, it's still my favorite of my hen Rene.